A Few Words About Us

Our Family began growing evergreens in 1996 as part of a re-forestation project Northwest of Marengo in rural McHenry County, Illinois. In 17 years of growing trees Ohana Farms has re-located three times, lining out our nursery stock at several locations in McHenry County. Our home farm is located between Woodstock and Marengo on 40 acres of prime, irrigated farmland – perfect for growing top quality NORTHERN ILLINOIS HARDY – LOCALLY GROWN – NURSERY STOCK.
We pride ourselves on providing QUALITY PLANTS AT FAIR PRICES. Ohana Farms plant availability includes EVERGREENS, SHADE & ORNAMENTAL TREES and SHRUBS. We specialize in growing hard to find, locally-hardy, low-maintenance NATIVE TREES & SHRUBS. In addition to our own field and container production, we have access to many additional tree & shrub varieties through re-wholesale partnerships with other quality local growers. Our stock is available in a variety of sizes including BARE ROOT in early spring, as well as CONTAINER GROWN and BALLED & BURLAP throughout the growing season.
Want to see what we have available?… To check out the tree & shrub species/varieties/sizes we have available please click on the CATALOG section above. To sign up for our mailing list or to register as a GREEN INDUSTRY / TRADE CUSTOMER click on the REGISTRATION link above and fill out the form. If you require immediate assistance, please contact our office during business hours at 815-568-8477 or email us your request at the COMPANY/CONTACT US page.


We are growers of top quality landscape trees & shrubs




Starting with * Hardy Northern Sources & Proven Local Varieties for our liner stock – we specialize in Illinois Native trees & shrubs. Most starter plants are propagated using root pruning methods to insure dense, healthy root systems which transplant easily.
* Miracles of Mycorrhizae – we take the extra step of inoculating all our starter field & container grown plants with live mycorrhizae fungi. The fungi attach to the plants roots and assist in the uptake of water & nutrients.
* Drip Irrigation is used exclusively in our container production, b&b holding yard and on nearly 100% of our field grown plants.
* Root Production Containers / Field Root Bags – On many species, especially hard to transplant ones such as Oaks, we use unconventional, fabric air root pruning containers – creating dense, fibrous root systems which far out perform plants grown in standard plastic pots. Our field root bag tree program offers increased harvesting flexibility, a more substantial root system on a smaller/lighter root ball vs. conventional b&b practices
* Environmentally Friendly Practices – We use Integrated Pest Management and limit the use of pesticides in our operation. We also utilize sustainable agriculture practices including the use of grassed strips between our rows and retention ponds to minimize run off and erosion.
* B&B Best Practices – All of our field trees & shrubs are grown in heavy silty/clay loam soil and have been root pruned several times during their life. When harvesting fresh dug B&B plant material we follow a combination of cultural practices & techniques to insure a successful transplant including: Oversizing the root ball, digging early in the day when the sun is low and temperatures are cooler, hauling plants promptly from the field – irrigating & hardening off in the shade and out of the wind. Most of our B&B plants are “fresh dug to order” to assure the highest quality & survivability – unlike many nurseries we avoid the additional expense and inefficiency of holding many plants above ground for extended periods – and we pass the higher quality and savings along to you.



At Ohana Farms QUALITY SERVICE is just as important as quality plants. Ohana Farms is first & foremost a wholesale nursery catering to the needs of our fellow professional, green industry clients, regardless of the size of your order. Our customers include municipalities, non-profit groups, nurseries, garden centers, landscape contractors and designers. Delivery to your location or direct to your jobsite is available. We value our working relationships and will do whatever it takes to earn your business.
Ohana Farms does offer our services to the public at wholesale terms – but please understand we are a working farm, not a garden center – please order your plant material in advance and also note that all pick-ups or other farm visits are by appointment only. Delivery and professional installation of our plant material by our crew is also an option, or we can refer you to one of our green industry landscape partners if you require more extensive landscape design or construction.



“Ohana” is a Hawaiian word meaning “Family” – a throwback to a previous life and the time spent in the islands operating an air cargo business. Four Family members are directly involved in our day to day operation. We are truly a LOCAL FAMILY FARM – we treat our customers like “Ohana”.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.  Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”  – John Wooden